• Ecosystem building
  • Smart industrial real estate

HOA LONG CONSTRUCTION INVESTMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY (HLI), a member of Fgroup Holding, was founded on December 25, 2013. With a focus on developing the ecosystem of industrial real estate and warehouses for rent in the region’s top. HLI participates in: Infrastructure development for an industrial park that is Green – Clean – Smart.

  • Invest in industrial factories with a rich manufacturing system  that are located throughout several attractive areas in the nation.
  • The first industrial real estate platform model was developed and implemented in Vietnam, bringing with it a multifunctional ecosystem that serves as the most modern one.
  • At the same time, HLI also builds an industry management platform and links investment with important industrial sector units.
  • By providing a range of services, including storage and shelving, environmental care, management of operations, financial investment, and legal counsel, we assist businesses in facilitating operation and production as well as the addition of sustained economic value.

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