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HLI – Welcome New Year 2023

Amidst the festive atmosphere of the New Year, Hoa Long Investment Construction Joint Stock Company (HLI) held its annual Opening Ceremony on January 27, 2023 (the 6th day of the Tet holiday of the Year of the Rabbit). The event saw the participation of the entire Board of Directors along with HLI employees.

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Together, everyone lit incense and prayed for a breakthrough and even more successful year for HLI specifically, and for the industrial real estate sector in general. This comes along with a complete renewal in strategy, positioning HLI as the “Premier Industrial Workshop Leasing Unit in the Industrial Real Estate Market,” thereby providing high-quality services and Eco-smart standard products to our esteemed customers, partners, and investors.

The event also included a New Year gathering of company members, where they shared early-year stories and reports on the business situation of the past year and plans for the new year. The Board of Directors organized activities like giving lucky money to all employees and engaging in fun games. This was an opportunity to strengthen unity and rejuvenate the spirit of all staff in preparation for 2023.

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Once again, HLI extends its wishes for a Prosperous New Year to all – Wishing Everyone Success in All Endeavors. We hope to continue our cooperation and journey together in the upcoming years. We eagerly welcome the New Year with new confidence and mission.

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In the New Year, we will continue to strive to improve our services and address customer issues promptly and effectively. We will also endeavor to grow and expand into new markets to meet customer needs and company growth.

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We have had a challenging yet successful year with the support of our customers and staff. With confidence in a bright future, we commit to continued efforts and development to achieve new goals in 2023.

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We believe that with the cooperation and support of our customers and staff, we will achieve our goals in the New Year and grow even more successful.

We wish for the New Year to bring success and happiness to all company employees. We hope our esteemed customers, partners, and investors will continue to accompany HLI’s development.

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