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Hoa Long Invest aims for sustainable value through the activity “Planting trees to create forests”

On the morning of December 19, 2022, at the Can Gio Biosphere Reserve, Hoa Long Investment Construction Joint Stock Company (HLI) and the Fgroup Community Club donated 200 trees to the Can Gio Protective Forest.

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As part of HLI’s commitment to sustainable community development, the “Tree Planting for Forestation” initiative is a meaningful and practical activity aimed at fostering long-term value through environmental protection.

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This initiative contributes to the care and protection of forests, especially mangrove forests, which play a crucial role as the “lungs” and “kidneys” of the Can Gio district. Beyond greening and climate regulation, protecting mangrove forests also safeguards the habitat of various animals (fish, shrimp, snails, birds, mammals, etc.) and supports the livelihoods of the local people.

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To ensure the effectiveness of the program, the organizers focused on surveying and closely coordinating with the Can Gio Protective Forest Management Board to select tree species suitable for the local geology and climate.

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In addition to tree planting, participants also engaged in activities in the Duoc forest, visited a display of mangrove forest animal specimens, and enjoyed a fascinating boat trip on the river. They also explored the Dan Xay ecosystem and local aquaculture activities.

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