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Hoa Long Invest (HLI) Gives School Support Gifts For School Year 2023 – 2024 In Vinh Hung District, Long An

Tuyen Binh Tay Commune in Vinh Hung District, Long An Province, despite being a remote area bordering Cambodia, has a low dropout rate and a high pass rate for junior high school graduation. However, the commune faces certain limitations, such as:

  • The infrastructure of schools, especially in remote and rural areas, is still inadequate.
  • There is a shortage of teachers, and some do not meet the required professional standards.
  • Many students’ families face financial difficulties and cannot support their children’s education adequately.

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To improve the quality of education, attention and investment from all levels of government, social organizations, and close coordination between schools, families, and society are essential.

Therefore, the “Support to School” volunteer program, organized annually by the Executive Committee of the Trade Union of the Long An Province Economic Zone Management Board in collaboration with various entities, aims to assist students from underprivileged backgrounds in attending school. The program has successfully attracted the participation of numerous employees, civil servants, and businesses both within and outside the province. Activities of the program include:

  • Donating books and school supplies to underprivileged students.
  • Building and repairing schools.
  • Organizing extracurricular activities for students.
  • Assisting students in accessing scholarships.

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The Chairwoman of the Women’s Union of Tuyen Binh Tay Commune welcomed and spoke at the event, highlighting the program’s role in helping disadvantaged students access education and develop. It also serves as a bridge connecting businesses, social organizations, and the community to jointly support education.

On August 15, 2023, representatives from Hoa Long Investment Construction Joint Stock Company (HLI) and other businesses had the opportunity to join the Trade Union Executive Committee of the Long An Province Economic Zone Management Board in visiting students at the People’s Committee of Tuyen Binh Tay Commune, Vinh Hung District, Long An Province. Celebrating the upcoming National Day on September 2 and the new school year, HLI and other businesses donated 3,000 notebooks to the students, supporting their educational spirit and striving for a better future.


The representatives of the Long An Economic Zone Management Board Trade Union Executive Committee and the participating businesses received commendation from the People’s Committee of Tuyen Binh Tay Commune.

Alongside its business activities, with a vision to become the first industrial real estate investor in Vietnam to build a specialized industrial connectivity ecosystem, HLI is committed to providing comprehensive industrial services through pioneering green technology in its products and business operations. HLI also focuses on sharing benefits with the community through positive contributions to society, hoping to play a part in the development of Vietnam and our planet.

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This program is a beautiful and meaningful action by the businesses, showing care and support for students in difficult circumstances. It is hoped that the “Support to School” volunteer program will continue and expand in the coming years, contributing to a brighter future for the students.

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