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The 9th anniversary celebration of Hoa Long Investment Construction Joint Stock Company

The 9th anniversary celebration of Hoa Long Investment Construction Joint Stock Company was a memorable event. Held on the evening of December 23, 2022, at Pho Dong Village, the event marked “9 years of HLI’s establishment” in a warm and intimate atmosphere filled with unforgettable moments. The ceremony was attended by the entire Board of Directors, HLI staff, Fgroup Corporation, and its member companies.

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Reflecting on the 9-year journey (from December 25, 2013, to December 25, 2022), the dedicated guidance of the leadership team, the trust of partners, customers, investors, and particularly the devoted efforts of HLI staff have built a strong HLI as seen today. Speaking at the event, Ms. Ngo Thi Phuong Thuy, Chairwoman of HLI’s Board of Directors, emphasized: “Nine years is a journey not long but full of hardships, challenges, and obstacles.

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Celebrating 9 years of HLI, the HLI leadership team and member companies of the Fgroup Corporation expressed their gratitude. The unity and seamless coordination among various departments and the ongoing support and collaboration of partners, customers, and investors have helped HLI overcome challenges and grow to its current state.

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As HLI steps into a new era, it sets new goals, particularly developing projects with the Eco Smart concept. With this new direction, HLI promises continuous improvements in product and service quality, committing to customer satisfaction and creating sustainable values for the business, community, and region.

Looking forward, HLI hopes to continue receiving support and love. The journey ahead will be about realizing dreams and expanding horizons. The HLI team, proud of their past achievements, looks forward to more milestones like the 10th, 20th, and 30th anniversaries, hoping to share these future joys with everyone.

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